Frequently Asked Questions about table tennis conversion tops

What are the dimensions of a table tennis conversion top?

While table tennis conversion tops can come in various sizes, the most common dimensions are the same as a regulation-sized ping pong table: 9’ x 5’. These are the ones I recommend, if you have the room, because they allow for realistic play.

Some companies do make smaller, and sometimes portable, conversion tops. I have written about some of those, including the Viper portable conversion top.

You should also pay some attention to the thickness of the table. A good conversion top will be 5/8” or 3/4” thick. Thickness is important because a thicker table will be sturdier and provide a more loyal ball-bouncing surface.

How much do table tennis conversion tops cost?

These days, they cost around $300. Recently, I did a little survey: The price of table tennis conversion tops. I found that the range of prices was from the low $200’s to the high $300’s for 9’ x 5’ tops. Miniature, portable tops can be cheaper in the $100’s.

By contrast, regular ping pong tables – the kind that have legs – can run anywhere from the $200’s for cheapos well into the $1,000’s for higher quality tables.

What about shipping for table tennis conversion tops?

The tops can absolutely be shipped. Most people nowadays order their conversion top online and have it delivered to their house. What’s even better is that most brands include free shipping now – even on such a big, heavy box.

Most conversion tops come in two main pieces, or halves. In total, the shipping weight is usually around 130 pounds. So the box ends up containing two heavy pieces of wood that are each 4.5’ x 5’. For this reason, you will probably want two adults on-hand when it arrives. Even if the weight is not an issue, the halves are so wide that they are difficult for one grown man alone to handle.

Does it come with a net and posts?

You will have to check the sales listing to know what is included, but generally a conversion top purchase will include a net and posts. The included net is not always of a high quality, however, so you may want to look into purchasing a better net alongside your conversion top purchase.

Does it come with paddles and balls?

Again, you will have to check the individual sales listing. That said, more often than not, a table tennis conversion top will not include ping pong paddles and balls. Check out this really popular set of 4 rackets and 6 balls on Amazon.

Will the conversion top scratch my pool table?

This is one of the things you’ve to be careful of. While the conversion top is heavy and will generally not budge once placed on top of the pool table, you need to take a little extra precaution.

Most, if not all, ping pong conversion top tables include some sort of foam padding that attaches to the bottom. This foam serves as a cushion preventing any pool table-ping pong table friction from creating scratches.

The foam is a good start, but I would also recommend leaving a cover on your pool table for further protection. Lots of pool tables come with a protective cover in the first place. Even a blanket might be better than just relying on the foam.

How much space do I need in my room in order to play ping pong?

There should be a minimum playing space of 19’ x 11’. Assuming you have a 9’ x 5’ ping pong surface, that leaves 3’ on each non-playing side of the table and 5’ on the sides of the table where the players actually stand.

19’ x 11’ is good enough in my opinion, but it’s also a minimum. More aggressive and serious players will of course probably want at least a couple extra feet to back up and swing for the fences.

Which company makes the best table tennis conversion top?

Firstly, I would say there is not all that much difference between brands. Basically, a conversion top is just two pieces of wood that sit on your pool table. If they can make the ball bounce, they are doing their job. So, to a certain degree I would not get too hung up on brands.

That said, I have taken extensive looks at all the most popular conversion tops out there on this website. And yes, I have ranked the best table tennis conversion tops.

I have also reviewed many of them individually. Here are the best:

Can you put one of these on top of your dining table?

Yes, you can. And since I have written a whole article about this already, I will just refer you to it: Can I put my conversion top on my dining table?