A Real Person’s guide to conversion tops

Thanks for visiting my little attempt to make some sense of table tennis conversion tops. I hope you find the information helpful.

December 2016: I am thrilled to announce that I have just simplified the hunt for the best table tennis conversion top. By and large, most people end up buying one of two different brands: Martin Kilpatrick or Joola. You can now read my short, beginner’s take on these two options here: The two most popular conversion tops by far. That article is all that 95% of people need to read.

It is my mission to help you make the right choice for your family when buying a table tennis conversion top. If you have looked around the Internet much, you may have noticed that there is virtually no good information on this product. Other than my site, all you are going to get are sales pages. Now, those sales pages can be helpful, especially if you read the reviews. In fact, I have learned a lot of what I know about table tennis conversion tops from reading hundreds of reviews.

Kitchen Counter Table Tennis Conversion Top

Don’t worry: on this blog I profile full-size BILLIARDS table ping pong conversion tops

Here are some specific table tennis conversion top reviews I’ve done:

  1. Martin Kilpatrickmy favorite
  2. Joolamy other favorite!
  3. Prince Conversion Table Tennis Top – this new model looks hot!
  4. Stiga with Net and Posts – a low frills option
  5. Stiga Fusion – similar to the other Stiga
  6. Viper portable conversion top – this is a different animal, smaller and real cheap, not for serious players, but can be fun
  7. Prince DMI PTCT1A – now obsolete
  8. Killerspin Paragon – obsolete

Truth be told, a table tennis conversion top is not a very complicated piece of machinery. And what I have found is that the first thing you want to do before you buy a conversion top is to establish whether you want to err on the side of cheapness, or err on the side of quality. Conversion tops are basically divided into two tiers: crude/cheap (probably sufficient for most buyers) and better-engineered/a-bit-pricy.

So you can narrow your search down right off the bat by determining if you want to go a little luxury here. (Expect to pay in the neighborhood of $350 or more if you want to go with the upper tier of ping pong conversion tops.)

If you don’t need a high-caliber conversion top, then you are probably going to pay around $200. Your ball may not always bounce in a perfectly predictable pattern, the paint job may be sub-par, but whoever plays on this table will probably not care. It’s ping pong anyways! It’s just supposed to be a fun game.

Woman with Table Tennis Conversion Top

She’s getting her conversion top ready for play!

I hope I have helped you narrow your choices down. The rest of this site will help you become much more familiar with the varieties of table tennis conversion tops available to you, as well as what you might further consider. All can be purchased online, including from Amazon. In the end, you really can’t go wrong. If you are searching for a way to allow your kids to play ping pong, any conversion top should do.

Good luck and I hope I can play some small part in making your family’s ping pong dreams come true!