The 5 best pool table ping pong tops

If you are in the market for a pool table ping pong top, you have come to the right place. I am not going to waste your time, and have selected the five best tops.

What is a pool table ping pong top?

Just so we make sure we are on the same page here, I am assuming you are looking for a ping pong table top (without legs) that can lay over your pool table. Sometimes this is called a conversion top, as it “converts” the play from one game to another.

Pool table sizes

Many pool tables that people own in their home are either 7’ or 8’ in length. Likewise, most conversion ping pong tops are made to cover either of these distances. For help in determining inches, keep in mind that 7’ = 84” and 8’ = 96”.

Typically, the manufacturer of the ping pong top will let you know up to what length pool table their top can cover.

#1 Martin Kilpatrick

Martin Kilpatrick ping pong conversion top

Martin Kilpatrick conversion top

While I have covered the Martin Kilpatrick top elsewhere on this site, I will go over the basics again here.

With Kilpatrick, you are getting higher quality German engineering. Now, I know that might sound scary. You might think, “I am just looking for a simple ping pong table to place over my pool table.” It’s really not that scary. Kilpatrick’s tops tend to run around the same low $300 pricing point as many of the other brands, and truth be told there is not a ton that distinguishes these more reputable companies. But generally, I like to recommend this pool table ping pong top because all things equal, German companies tend to outperform when it comes to craftsmanship.

Also, Kilpatrick have been in this segment a long time, and have a long track record of pumping out best seller table tennis top converters.

#2 Joola

Joola table tennis conversion top

the Joola conversion top

Joola sponsors the US national team. They have a great reputation in the table tennis space. You likely won’t go wrong ordering a Joola ping pong top.

Joola, prounced “YOH-LAH,” has been around since the 1950’s. Along with Martin Kilpatrick they are consistently in the top 2 or 3 sellers of ping pong tops for pool tables.

#3 Harvil

Harvil pool table ping pong top

A close-up of a Harvil pool table ping pong top

There is a great new pool table ping pong top from the company Harvil. They use dense fiberwood in their conversion tops, and seem to take a lot of care to provide reliable foam padding to prevent your ping pong top from scratching up your pool table. (That is something that neat freaks will really have to watch out for. It may necessitate some creativity on the part of the owner, as I have heard a few stories where the foam that came with certain models was not sufficient in protecting the underlying table.)

Harvil table tops are designed in the USA, even though they are manufactured typically in Asia. It is a family company, and in my experience family companies often provide higher quality customer service. They understand that sometimes you have to communicate to make sure everything ends up just as planned, and the family can get back to simply playing some ping pong!

#4 Stiga Duo

The Stiga Table Tennis Conversion Top with Net and Posts

The Stiga Duo ping pong top

Stiga is another company that has been around the block and back again when it comes to converting pool tables into ping pong playing surfaces. For some reason, they don’t seem to be selling as many table tops as they used to, but I think they are worth consideration for sure.
One interesting thing about them (currently) is you can choose to buy a new conversion top that does not come with net and posts, but there is also an option to buy a used top that comes with net and posts.

You can see a picture of the Stiga Duo to the right. It also shows it looks when placed on top of a pool table.

In general, everyone will have to pay attention to whether whatever top they’re ordering comes with a net and posts or not. And of course, since you probably don’t have a pre-exiting ping pong table, you will need paddles and balls, too. These usually DO NOT come with the converter top.

#5 Brunswick

Brunswick pool table ping pong top

Brunswick ping pong top for pool table

What I love about this Brunswick pool table ping pong top is that it looks very sleek with its shiny black color. This is a great table top to get for more competitive players, because it gives off that aura of seriousness.

Another interesting thing about Brunswick is that they have their basis in billiards and have branched out into table tennis over time. This means they may be more aware of particular issues that need to be incorporated into a pool table conversion top.

Honorable mentions

There is a company called PureX who sometimes has a converter top on the market. I can’t say too much about them. The model I have seen from PureX is another sleek, black top, like the Brunswick top. It’s worth keeping one’s eye out to see if this converter ever comes back on the market. Or maybe they have moved on to greener pastures.

Prince is a great table tennis company. They are almost a household name as far as I am concerned. You have probably seen Prince rackets in the past. I recently wrote an article about the black Prince conversion top. In the past, they have at times had some of the best selections.

The bottom line when selecting a ping pong top for your pool table

To a certain degree, I would say you can’t go wrong if you stick with the five brands of tables mentioned above:

  • Martin Kilpatrick
  • Joola
  • Harvil
  • Stiga
  • Brunswick

All five of these companies have been making ping pong “toppers” for years, and they have been able to iron out kinks as time went on. Maybe more importantly, they have a history in the table tennis industry that goes quite far back in time. Their equipment is used by professionals and they often have a presence at the Olympics and at other tournaments around the world.

May your family have hundreds of hours of fun ahead playing ping pong on top of the old pool table! Jump in – the water’s fine!

N. L. Hunt