The Brunswick table tennis conversion top

This is a review of the Brunswick table tennis conversion top, which I recently ranked #5 on the list of 5 best ping pong / pool table converters.

History of Brunswick

Brunswick is a 170 year-old American billiards company. Over time they have branched out into several other products made for the game room., including table tennis, air hockey, and foosball.

Naturally, Brunswick also makes a table tennis conversion top which fits not only over many of their own pool tables, but over most any pool table that is 7’ or 8’ in length.

Brunswick’s conversion top

The Brunswick ping pong conversion top is on a similar level as other top-tier table tops we have looked at here on this site in the past: Martin Kilpatrick and Joola come to mind.

Brunswick’s table is 9’ x 5’ when both halves are connected. This is ITTF regulation size, so you can really play a good game of ping pong on this set-up, unlike on smaller tops.

The table itself is 18 mm in thickness, which equates to 0.7” or almost ¾”. This is a little thicker than the average conversion top which bodes well for play. A thicker top will give a better quality of game play.

Net, posts, paddles & balls included

This Brunswick conversion top, like most if not all others, comes with a net and posts. You can see exactly how the posts clamp to the table top in this picture.

Brunswick uses a clamp to connect table top

The post clamps to the conversion top

An 8’ pool table should be 4’ wide, so the 5’ width of the Brunswick table tennis top will extend beyond that by 6” on each of the long sides (where the posts clamp) – this is important, I think, because that clamp does go under the table top a little and could make it un-level if it were pushed up by being right on top of the pool table’s surface.

Brunswick also includes two paddles and three balls, which is something that not all table tennis conversion tops include. It’s always great when you can start playing as soon as the shipment arrives at your home!

Warranty & shipping

At the time of this article, a 1-year warranty comes with the Brunswick top. It applies to any defects in the materials or workmanship. I wouldn’t worry too much though, as Brunswick has a good reputation for quality products.

Shipping is also free on Amazon. It seems that most ping pong conversion tops include free shipping these days. Of course, the sellers just build it into the price because they know that everyone is so used to free shipping that it’s nearly essential today.

The serious Brunswick look

Brunswick pool table ping pong top

Brunswick ping pong top for pool table

The design on this table top is sharp. More and more, manufacturers are going with black, and the Brunswick is no different. It also emblazons the company’s logo in white in opposite corners of the top. To me, black just gives a serious, professional look, even though I think the professional tables are green or blue!

A vote of confidence for Brunswick’s ping pong conversion top

All kidding aside, I am a big believer in Brunswick’s conversion top. There aren’t many reviews yet out there, because I think the table is a fairly new offering, but you can read them all here and at the time of this writing they are all positive.

With this company’s long history of creating really nice pool tables, I think they are reliable. No company lasts 170 years if it is regularly not delivering value to its customers. While table tennis is not their main priority, they certainly have plenty of experience in it with their Smash line of ping pong tables and their general involvement in the game room space going back many years.

Personally, I consider the Brunswick table tennis conversion top to be right at home among all the other top-level conversion tops. I would just read some reviews and take price into account before pulling the trigger on any specific model.

N. L. Hunt