The Harvil table tennis conversion top

I am very impressed with the Harvil table tennis conversion top. It looks like it is of the same quality as stalwarts like Martin Kilpatrick and Joola, but at a price about $100 below those conversion tops. Could it be true?

This great table was recently included in our article on the best ping pong conversion tops, and I suspect it may rise up the rankings as time goes on.

The look of the Harvil conversion top

The Harvil conversion top is a nice blue color, and is emblazoned with the company’s logo in white. It has a professional look.

Harvil table tennis conversion top

an angular look at the Harvil table tennis conversion top

Dimensions fit for a pool table

At 9’ x 5’ the Harvil table is the same standard size as most other table tennis tables. This is sufficient to cover over most people’s pool tables. Interestingly, I have even heard of people who are all right playing ping pong on a conversion top that does not quite cover the whole surface of their pool table. Personally, I would not be satisfied with a situation like that, because when you swing your paddle, it could hit the side of the pool table and scratch it. But if your pool table is 9’ x 5’ or smaller (which most are) then this will not be an issue with the Harvil.

Heaviness is necessary in a pong pong table

Any decent ping pong converter top will be heavy. The Harvil top is no different, weighing in at 101 pounds. However, as is standard with conversions, the top actually comes in two halves. Each half weighs about 50 pounds. What this means is merely that you may want to have two people on hand when setting it up for play. Not only are the halves 50 lbs. but they are 4.5’ x 5’ – which is a lot for any single person to wrap their arms around.

Dazadi’s customer friendly policies

The Harvil brand is owned by a company called Dazadi. They do everything they can to encourage potential customers to press Purchase. The company has free shipping on their Harvil table tops. I think this has become pretty standard in the industry, but it is particularly impressive because the shipping on such a large item is not exactly cheap, yet they are able to offer it at about a 30% discount to other companies.

The company also has a 90-day warranty whereby if your ping pong conversion top is damaged in any way, you just let them know and they will ship replacement parts. If you are still not satisfied, a full money-back refund is offered. I think that’s quite a good deal! There’s really no risk to the buyer.

A fiber wood table tennis top

Harvil conversion tops are built out of dense fiber wood. This is important because you need a sturdy playing surface to give integrity to the bounce of the ping pong ball. There is no point in getting a table top that will reflect the ball in irrational directions. This is also why the table just has to be heavy.

Net and posts

Harvil includes a net and black metal posts with their conversion top. This is not something that all companies do. In this zoomed-in picture, you can see exactly how the posts affix to the table top. With net and posts included, it’s just one less thing that you have to order. However, ping pong paddles and balls are not included, so keep that in mind if you want to play on Day One.

Harvil pool table ping pong top

Look at how the metal posts attach to the table tennis table

Easy set up for quick play

The Harvil table tennis conversion top only takes a couple minutes to set up. The only pieces are the two fiber half playing surfaces, a net, and two metal posts. Assembly is very simple as long as you have a little muscle.

Foam padding protects the pool table

In terms of protection, the top comes with eight 3.94’ EVA foam pads that affix under the table top in the four corners and the four mid-points of the four sides. This prevents the underlying pool table from getting scratched from any slight shifts the ping pong table might incur.

The two table halves do not actually attach. There are no hinges. Instead, they meet seamlessly over the center of the pool table, and the weight of the wood (and the friction of the foam pads) keeps the sides in place. I suppose if some kids were to run and bump into the table, it might shift a bit, but hopefully that won’t happen.

A diagram showing the Harvil conversion top's dimensions, weight, and foam padding placement

Harvil breaks it all down — it’s real easy

Harvil may have built a winning table tennis conversion top

My research into the Harvil ping pong table top is just beginning, but as stated at the outset, it does appear that it is a table on par with others at a higher price point. If that is the case, then I think others may have to follow suit or we will continue to see Harvil climb up the sales ranking.

Visually, it is a sleek table and all reviews are pretty positive. Any table that is built well enough to stay sturdily in place and give loyalty to the bounce of the ball is a winner. There is really not that much more that a conversion top can do other than that.

N. L. Hunt