Killerspin Paragon

Killerspin Paragon

the Killerspin Paragon conversion top

I am happy to talk about the Killerspin Paragon conversion top because it is of a higher quality than several other table tennis conversion tops I have covered here on Table Tennis Conversion Top.

So, let’s jump right into things: what makes the Killerspin Paragon a superior conversion top?

Virtues of the Killerspin Paragon conversion top

Firstly, it’s got a 5/8-inch thickness; versus only 1/2-inch for many other ping pong conversion tops on the market. The thicker the table is, the more consistent will be the bounce of the ping pong ball.

Second, the Killerspin Paragon has a 100% foam underside. That means the entire underneath protects your underlying pool table. A typical, cheaper table tennis conversion top will only cover the edges (if that) with foam. This is an example of what makes the Killerspin Paragon a superior conversion top. It’s the little, subtle, thoughtful details which make it a superior product, of course.

You can choose to have the Paragon in either a black or a blue surface. I prefer black for the color because it is sleeker and cleaner looking. Dark green is another good color for a ping pong table but that is not an option with the Killerspin.

Here’s a Youtube video of the Killerspin Paragon table tennis conversion top which kind of shows the relative luxury of this table top:


What’s bad about the Killerspin Paragon conversion top?

There’s not much that appears to be bad about Killerspin’s Paragon top, but if you want to reach for straws you might take note of the roughly $400 price tag. One might expect to get a full (quality) ping pong table for that price, but alas this is nothing but the top.

Should you buy the Paragon?

As long as your budget allows for you to pay $400 or so for a table tennis conversion top, then the Killerspin Paragon is a wise choice. The reasons outlined above demonstrate that more thought has gone into the Paragon than conversion tops such as the Stiga with net and posts and the Stiga Fusion.

N. L. Hunt