The two most popular conversion tops by far

These days, there are only two brands that dominate sales of table tennis conversion tops. I think it is a waste of time for buyers to branch out from these unless they have a really specialized need. Most will find what they’re looking for in a conversion top from one of these companies:

  1. Martin Kilpatrick
  2. Joola

Both conversion tops are essentially the same, and I don’t think yo can go wrong with either one of them. In this article, I’ll give a brief overview of each of them.

Martin Kilpatrick

Martin Kilpatrick ping pong conversion top

the Martin Kilpatrick conversion top

Currently the Martin Kilpatrick conversion top costs $290, and is Amazon’s top seller. The chief draw is that it is German-crafted. Everybody knows Germans take their manufacturing quality very seriously. The online reviews reflect people’s satisfaction with this model.

Here is a quote from a reviewer about a year ago: “Really good quality conversion top. Workmanship of table is excellent.” There are many other similar reviews.

One of the main things you want to avoid is getting a faulty Chinese table tennis conversion top that doesn’t stand the test of time. This is the reason, I believe, that the Martin Kilpatrick top has sold so well.


Joola table tennis conversion top

the Joola conversion top

The second best seller, and the only other brand of conversion top with a lot of reviews on Amazon, is the Joola model. Joola is a company that sponsors the US National table tennis team, so they are not exactly a fly-by-night operation.

If you peruse the Joola listing that I just linked, you will see that it is a table tennis conversion top almost indistinguishable from the Martin Kilpatrick one. It’s hard to even say which is better. It is a little pricier, at the time of this writing, costing $306, but both tops are very close in price.

Why I recommend sticking with these 2 models

It is really simple why I would either go with Martin Kilpatrick or Joola: because they are the only two conversion tops that have more than a dozen reviews at Amazon. The Martin Kilpatrick has 77 reviews and the Joola has 62 reviews. There is another Martin Kilpatrick that has 41 reviews but I think it might just be the same model as I talked about above, with a different listing for some reason.

This article may seem overly simplified, but for 95% of table tennis conversion top purchasers, I think one of these models will suffice for all your ping pong fun. Like I said at the beginning, there is rarely a good reason to unnecessarily complicate things. It’s basically just two pieces of wood that you will put on top of your pool table.

N. L. Hunt