Prince Conversion Table Tennis Top

I am very excited to announce that there is now a Prince conversion table tennis top back on the market. The old one that used to be the best

Prince conversion table tennis top

The Prince conversion table tennis top

seller is no longer around, but they have replaced it with something even better so I’d like to talk about that.

First off, Prince is a great company. They are almost a household name in the table tennis world. This is a solid company.

Like others, the Prince conversion table tennis top is 5/8” in thickness. This is suitable in order to give a loyal bounce to the ball and supply play integrity. The Prince top is black, too, which adds a professional and serious look to it. People who have a little competitive streak in them, as many ping pongers do, will appreciate this feature.

The Prince top is the standard 9’ by 5’ which works well with most pool tables. (I guess that’s why it’s the standard size!) It is sufficient to cover pool tables up to 8’ in length.

One thing people ought to keep in mind if they go Prince, is that this model does not come with a net and posts. Net and posts will typically run you about an extra $50. It takes a tiny bit of knowledge to fix it up, but it’s probably something a caveman could do if you know what I mean.

Also in line with other table tennis conversion tops, the Prince top comes in two pieces, or halves. These will join toward the center of the playing surface to create the whole rectangular table overlay. These halves can still be heavy, and sometimes it is necessary for two adult-strength people to set them on the table just right.

Prince is known for its high-quality construction, just like its competitor Martin Kilpatrick. The Prince table tennis conversion top will satisfy 99% of people’s desire for a playing surface with integrity.

Another thing that I like about Prince is that they are selling this conversion top (at the time of writing) at about a $50 discount to other more popular get-ups. At this price range, as long as you go with a company like Prince, Martin Kilpatrick, or Joola, it’s hard to even say which is better. In other words, you probably can’t go wrong with any of them.

Toss in some rackets and a batch or two of balls, and you can have that pool table converted into a table tennis table faster than you can yell, “19 all!” Years and years of happy playing await the next Prince home!

N. L. Hunt