Stiga Fusion Conversion Top

The Stiga Fusion conversion top is properly classified among the lower echelon of table tennis conversion tops. Most tops of this quality are

A picture of the Stiga Fusion table tennis conversion top

Stiga Fusion conversion top

priced somewhere in the ballpark of $200 to $300. Check Amazon and you will see that the Stiga Fusion is around $265.

I always like to say that table tennis conversion tops such as the Stiga Fusion are not for the serious ping pong players. They also are not for people who don’t like low-grade products which may come chipped and dinged via shipping.

That said, a table tennis conversion top is a table tennis conversion top is a table tennis conversion top… It’s not like we’re talking about whole tables here. We’re basically talking about two slabs of pseudo-wood pushed together on top of your pool table to enable a ping pong ball to bounce back and forth.

Stiga Fusion Conversion Top: Specs

  • The Stiga Fusion Conversion Top is 1/2″ thick.
  • Its model number is T8101 for reference purposes.
  • Its color is black, lending it a certain coolness.
  • Like virtually all ping pong conversion tops, it fits both 7′ and 8′ pool tables.
  • The Fusion has a 3/4″ black rail which may lend it a bit more support than the standard Stiga Table Tennis Conversion Top.
  • The Fusion does not come with net and posts.


The main positive which the Stiga Fusion has to offer is that it is on the cheaper side of table tennis conversion tops. As mentioned, I divide the world of conversion tops into basically two categories: higher-end (such as Martin Kilpatrick) and lower-end (the Fusion). The main thing one might want to look at if they are going to buy a lower-end table tennis conversion top is simple things such as color, price, and whether or not it comes with a net-and-post set.


The Stiga Fusion conversion top is a no-frills basic table tennis conversion top. When it is shipped, it may end up at your house a little chipped up. The paint job may not have been done to completion from the beginning. The ball might not bounce totally consistently like it would on a better table.

Just ask yourself: do I want a table built to last, or a table which will hopefully hold up for a few years?

Summing up the Stiga Fusion Conversion Top

For many families, the Stiga Fusion will be a sufficient choice. I mean, we are not trying to train future Olympic ping pong champions here, are we?

With a price point in the low $200’s, the Fusion is not a bad choice at all. For the most part, a table tennis conversion top is merely two or four slabs of wood which are placed on top of a pool table. Then you put a net on top of that and you can play table tennis.

Personally, I would not buy a Stiga Fusion — but that’s just me. I would want something made with a little more thought behind it.

N. L. Hunt