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Joola Table Tennis Conversion Top

Joola Table Tennis Conversion Top

The idea of this site is to provide those searching for information on table tennis conversion tops the best possible answers to their questions.

A table tennis conversion top is a ping-pong table without legs. If you have a pool table and want a table tennis table, but don’t have the room, then a table tennis conversion top is the only option for you.

They typically cost between $150 and $400. The fun pays for itself very quickly. Sometimes, the only thing people don’t like is that they are a bit heavy and clunky to move on and off the pool table. However, if you don’t have the extra space or budget for an entirely independent table tennis table, then a conversion top is the only other way to get ping pong into your home.

I suppose that selling the pool table is an option, but who wants to do that!?

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If you want to jump straight to the end, then most people will probably just want to read the article I wrote called The two most popular conversion tops by far. Basically, what I have found out from observing this space for the past ten years, is that most people go with one of two models, which are detailed in the linked article.

I have also written a guide, a kind of 30,000-foot view, on everything one might want to know about the ping pong conversion top. Once again, you will learn there is really not that much to these things. They typically come in two large halves that connect on top of your pool table. Straighten the net out and the whole family is ready to play some ping pong!

As you browse around my site more, you will run into several individual conversion top reviews. I take a look at lesser known tops like the Killerspin and some Stiga table tops. In the end, I would urge people to stick to the two conversion tops that I detailed in the “Two most popular” article. Unless you are a table tennis pro, you will not want to get too creative and go too far off the beaten path. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

And finally, some of you may get some value from reading my Synopsis of conversion top reviews, in which I basically give a summary of some of the finer points that I have picked up from studying table tennis conversion tops for the past ten years. None of this is rocket science, but the Synopsis will touch on things like weight and some other things that you may not have considered if you are new to the space.